Arijit Singh vs Shaan. Ohh Wait Shaan says, he is not competition;Arijit Singh has gone way ahead of me.


Singer Arijit Singh has turned into an unstoppable power in Bollywood today. The vocalist is on the list of things to get of each music chief and performer (likely, with the exception of Salman Khan LINK SONUP’S PREVIOUS STORY HERE) today. While the greater part of his melodies have been chartbusters, his rising prominence appears to have put more seasoned, built up artists on the backfoot, a certainty vocalist Shaan verging on recognized in the background of a Mumbai occasion.

At the music dispatch of T-arrangement single ‘Tum Ho Toh Lagta Hai’, when tested about the purpose for singing less Bollywood numbers and on the off chance that it had anything to do with the opposition offered by Arijit, Shaan told, “Arijit Singh has proceeded. I wouldn’t call him rivalry by any stretch of the imagination. He is doing exceptionally well. I am cheerful when a decent ability feels free to individuals like him. This is useful for music, it is useful for every one of us.”

Tending to our inquiry of doing less playback singing, Shaan said, “It isn’t so much that I have gotten to be fussy or I am not keen on playback singing but rather things change with time. In the past there were a great deal of set up artists and out of the blue group of onlookers request a change. New voices and new patterns rise. I am upbeat that I have been in this industry throughout the previous 20 years.”

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